In the past 21 days I’ve accomplished a lot in my miniatures painting hobby. I’ve finished my Star Wars Legion core set, started on my Soul Wars boxed set, as well as a variety of other smaller projects.

I was inspired by Rob Hawkins to start using the #Hobbystreak hashtag (work on a hobby project for at least 30 minutes a day, every day, and post your progress) and it has made a huge impact on both how I relate to the hobby and how much progress I have made.

I have also started using the #Painthammer2019 hashtag, created by @JewelKnightJess, which encourages you to set hobby goals and keep track of the number and type of models you paint throughout the year. I've decided my Hobby Goals for this year are:

  • Paint 300 models this year (scenery counts too)

  • Practice my hobby every day for at least 30 minutes

  • Paint more models than I buy

Here is my current progress:

In the past 20 days I finished painting Darth Vader for Star Wars Legion, my first attempt at an OSL (object source lighting) on a miniature and finished painting (and added resin water bases to) all of my rebel forces for Star Wars Legion. This marked the first time in history I ever finished painting a boxed set for a miniatures game, so it felt like a very big accomplishment for me!

With my Legion forces complete, I started working on terrain, painting first the barricades from the Legion box set, and then assembling some old walkways from Micro Art Studio that I’ve had for over 4 years, used in multiple RPG sessions, but never fully assembled until now. I’m currently working on painting these.

While I was working on my Star Wars Legion figures, I took breaks by prepping and assembling all of the Nighthaunt figures from the Age of Sigmar Soul Wars Box Set.

Inspired by the Link’s Awakening remake announcement from this week, I took a break from larger armies to paint the Deeproot Scout from Super Dungeon Explore in a Link’s Awakening inspired palette. This was one of my first attempts at freehand (on the shield) and a good practice session for non metallic metal (on the sword). Overall it was a really fun 6 hour project.

And that’s it for my hobby update! It’s been a really fun three weeks and next week I’m going to focus on finishing up any other unfinished miniatures I have lying around, while I wait for my Nighthaunt parts to come in the mail this week. Also tomorrow I will be playing my first game of Star Wars Legion, my first time ever playing a miniatures game with two fully painted forces!