First Impressions: Star Wars Legion

I had a chance to play my first game of Star Wars: Legion today, and I had a really good time!

Me and a friend played through the training mission outlined in the rulebook, but with a few additional upgrades on each side.

This game feels very much like a fusion of X-Wing, and what I assume games like Warhammer play like. Unlike traditional wargames, it uses the X-wing “upgrade card” system to show all of your stats and the upgrades you take on cards in front of you. Like in X-Wing, units are moved around using templates, and like X-Wing, you have your 4 basic actions you can on your activation, which will feel very familiar to X-Wing players.

They do some fun stuff with command cards and how you give orders to units, and in general it seems like a robust system that would reward further play, with more units, and more elaborate scenery.

Because unlike X-Wing, this game is all about terrain. Finding cover and shooting out from behind it at your enemies is the name of the game here. I imagine without any terrain it would be a very very boring game. Before I play again I want to build some more custom terrain for this game, now that I know what kind of terrain makes sense in gameplay.

It was kind of tricky to learn at first, but now that I know how to play, I feel really confident that I could teach the whole game to someone quite quickly. If you’ve played X-Wing, Armada, or even Imperial Assault, all the mechanics and icons match up to what you find there.

Overall, I hope to make this my first wargame that I play regularly, and I want to expand it further with more models, more terrain, custom scenarios, and of course, more models.