Ep. 40: Into the Crystal Fields Pt. 1

After the battle of Jakku, the Imperial remnant was fractured. For those of us who escaped, we were scattered to the far reaches of the galaxy in the aftermath of that battle. Our ship jumped to a random system in the galaxy, and crash landed on an unknown planet. What we would find there, and what we would become, was up to us...

On this very special episode of Imperial Hearts, Jayme and Dana play through an improvised storytelling game called The Quiet Year, by Avery Alder, which we chose to play in the Star Wars universe. This is the first half of a two part series, with the conclusion coming next week.

Things we Talk about:

The Quiet Year

All music used in this podcast is clips from "Celestial Navigation" by Blue Dot Sessionsavailable under Attribution-NonCommerical 4.0 International License.